of Adults Use Texting for Business Communication


Text More for Business Today Then Last Year


Say They Have Closed a Business Deal by SMS

Finally a World Class, Business Class SMS App

The first SMS App designed for business use.

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The professional SMS app,
designed for business

Master your messages with the efficient SMS app.
Flag important messages.
Categorize by setting up folders.
Organize by assigning messages to folders.
Archive important messages.

Finally a text messaging app for business. It's a business class email for SMS!
Brandon Munson, Director

Flag the important text messages.

Unlike email, your typical OME SMS app don't offer a feature to flag an important message. BizTEXT is the only SMS app that enables the user to flag important messages. For example, tap once on the flag icon to change the flag to RED, which can represent urgent. Tap the flag icon twice to change it to green which can represent important information, such as flight confirmation.

Archiving gives user the ability to save an entire thread.

Archiving moves threads out of the text streams into an Archive folder. This prevents the accidental deletion of important messages you want saved.

Prioritize, Organize and Archive Quick Replies

The Speed and Rate of SMS
The Organization of Gmail

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